Getting Around in Dubai

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Dubai's sleek modern Metro station

Dubai’s sleek modern Metro station

Getting around in Dubai is interesting. The Metro system is inexpensive, clean and reliable but there are only two lines. I use the Metro as much as possible. Often it is best to take the Metro part of the way to your destination and catch a taxi to go he rest of the way. Bus lines traverse the city but route information is scarce so you really have to know where you are going. Taxis are also safe, clean and inexpensive. They are operated by the Transit Authority that operates busses and the Metro. It is easy to flag down a taxi just about anywhere. drivers are well acquainted with the city.

There are some challenges, however. The city is spread out over a very large area and getting from one area to another often takes a while. The main challenge is that no one seems to use street addresses. You navigate by landmarks – tell the taxi the nearest hotel, mall, roundabout or other landmark. If you know the nearest main street, that is also helpful. Recently, trying to find a local pizza restaurant, I looked up the address on their website. No street address, it just said across the street from a certain hotel. So, I looked up the hotel website and it just said located in Downtown Dubai. I was walking and I wandered around the section of Dubai known as Downtown Dubai for about 20 minutes – I finally found it. Next time I will know to use a taxi because I am sure he will be able to take me right to the hotel.

You might ask how they get mail if they don’t use street address. Well, everyone, businesses and private residences alike, uses P.O. boxes