Korcula, Croatia: A glimpse into medieval Europe

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Korcula is set on a small peninsula jutting into the Adriatic Sea from the island also named Korcula. Old Town, the historic town center, offers a peek into the small towns of medieval Europe. The best way to experience Korcula is to spend at least two nights in Old Town.

Many local residents rent private rooms or small apartments that offer an inexpensive stay. The rooms and apartments often come with typical hotel amenities. Information about Korcula, including recommendations on accommodations and activities can be found at http://www.korculainfo.com/. In 2011, many rooms with double beds and private bathrooms were available for about 60 U.S. dollars.

According to local history, Marco Polo wandered the town of Korcula as a 13th century youth and little has changed since then. Many of the streets and much of the architecture would be familiar to Marco if he were in Korcula today. Step into one of the smallest cathedrals in Europe or climb the remnants of the town wall for a view over the town. Visit the town museum to get a feel for Korcula’s history.

Tour groups from local cruise ships occasionally crowd the streets during the day so take advantage of the quiet evenings for a leisurely stroll along the Adriatic seawall and a relaxed dinner in a local restaurant. Seafood is often featured but grilled meats are common. The cevapcici, a mixture of ground meats cooked on skewers and served with a spicy pepper relish, is a tasty local dish. Many Croatians speak English so the language barrier is relatively easy to overcome.

Korcula may be out of the way but it is easy to reach. Discount airlines such as EasyJet regularly serve Croatia from major European cities. Local bus and ferry companies offer regular service directly to Korcula from Split and Dubrovnik. To take a break from the crowds of big city Europe, consider a few nights for the small town experience that Korcula offers.